• With approximately 220,000 students, Jerusalem's education system is the largest in Israel.
  • 101,548 students attend schools under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Education Authority.
  • 40,000 of these attend schools in east Jerusalem.
  • 20,000 attend private schools in east Jerusalem, over which MANHI has no jurisdiction.
  • 86,843 students attend haredi schools.
  • 1,728 students will start first grade in the state non-religious schools this year, 121 more than last year.
  • 1,542 students will start first grade in state religious schools, 207 more than last year.
  • 790 students will start first grade in the Arab sector, 1,130 fewer than last year.
  • 26,569 students will attend junior and senior high schools in west Jerusalem.
  • 19,581 students will attend primary schools in east Jerusalem.
  • 3,500 students must cross the security barrier in order to get to their registered schools every day.
  • 41,256 students will attend primary school in the haredi system.
  • 71 students born in Ethiopia will begin first grade this year.
  • 1,321 students attend special education schools.
  • The most popular names for Jewish students starting first grade: Daniel for boys and Eden for girls, replacing Ro'i and Noa as the most popular names.
  • The most popular names for Arab students starting first grade: Muhammad for boys and Hadil for girls.
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