“Something Good Is Happening in Jerusalem?” Most tourists and Jerusalemites cringed when we told them the city’s slogan. Here are a few of their suggestions:

“Discover your roots in Jerusalem.”
    – Esther Schiller, Jerusalem

“Jerusalem: A pulsating heart in a city of souls.”
    – Eva Hammelburger, Jerusalem

“Jerusalem: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.”
    – Patrick Engberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

“Jerusalem: People can coexist.”
    – Kate Engberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

“Jerusalem: Beautiful buildings, complicated people.”
    – David Cohen, Jerusalem

“Jerusalem: Come and see for yourself.”
    – Jennifer, Jerusalem

“Jerusalem: Past and future with every step.”
    – Liam Hoare, UK

“Jerusalem: An international city, open and welcoming to all.”
     – Chadron M. Stalkfleet, Washington, DC

“Jerusalem: Try our felafel.”
    – Josh Martin, Boston
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