Exploring Haifa’s Goldschmidt Square

May 23, 2018 14:51
GOLDSCHMIDT SQUARE in Haifa’s Danya neighborhood

GOLDSCHMIDT SQUARE in Haifa’s Danya neighborhood. (photo credit: MAURICE HYMAN)

The newest landmark to be dedicated in Haifa is Goldschmidt Square (which is really a circle) in the leafy suburb of Danya. The neighborhood was the home of the Goldschmidt-Arieli family for many years, a well-known name in Haifa for the many philanthropic projects they sponsored to benefit the city.

When an only child dies at a young age, it is the end of the line, as the family name dies with him. But the name of Goldschmidt-Arieli lives on in the beautification of Haifa, educational projects and involvement with the local, particularly South African, community in Israel.


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