Counting on cannabis

Medical marijuana crusader Cheryl Shuman gets high on Israel.

September 18, 2013 12:36
courtesy: Tikkun Olam

courtesy: Tikkun Olam 521. (photo credit: Cheryl Shuman)

It’s not clear what to make of an encounter with Cheryl Shuman. Stately in stature, immaculately dressed and erudite, the Hollywood socialite sits in a modest Jerusalem coffee bar and speaks with a conviction that only self-help gurus, born-again preachers and Herbalife salesmen seem to be able to muster these days.

She possesses traits found in all of them, this perky, middle-aged cancer survivor who has seen the light and discovered the purpose of her life – she’s the self-described “Martha Stewart of marijuana.” Like a pot evangelist on a mission, the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and the Green Asset International Inc. hedge fund dramatically credits cannabis with bringing her back from the brink of death with advanced ovarian cancer, and is intent on spreading the marvels of medical marijuana to the rest of the world.


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