The well-connected versus the rest of us

As a new survey makes clear, this divide is becoming a threat that Israel can no longer afford to ignore.

December 25, 2012 23:13

Economy. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Whatever government arises after next month’s election, there’s one issue it absolutely must address: the findings of the annual survey on social resilience, published last week. The poll found that most Israelis are still proud of their country and consider it the best possible place to live, but this majority has shrunk steadily in recent years. And the reason is clear: Only a quarter strongly agreed that Israel “promises a better future for your children.”

Respondents were deeply worried by corruption, violence, poverty and the growing gap between rich and poor. In particular, many worried about their own ability to support their children, save for the future and grow old with dignity. And when asked what primarily determines a person’s financial status, the top response, at 24 percent, was “being born to the right family”; in second place, at 17% apiece, were “having the right connections” and “God.” In short, this is becoming a country where people who lack “the right family” or “the right connections” doubt their ability to give their children a better future.


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