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June 8, 2017 14:21
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baby illustration

A baby illustration . (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

I have been on extended maternity leave for my third child, a girl, and have breastfed the baby for 11 months. I have returned to work, and she is now drinking from a bottle when I take her to her caregiver. I gained eight kilos beyond my normal weight when I got married. I had thought that nursing the baby would help me lose weight, but I was disappointed and have not lost weight. Why did breastfeeding not cause me to take off the excess weight? What can I do now that the baby is no longer nursing and I go to work? P.A., Ramat Gan

Veteran clinical dietitian Dr. Olga Raz, responds: Congratulations on the baby and on breastfeeding her for so long! It is good for your health and for hers. The period of time during which women nurse their babies can cause a welcome loss of weight in the mother if she does it right, as a day of breastfeeding can equal 500 calories or more.


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