Sealed with a kiss

Get ready for the New Year's Eve parties with shiny new lipsticks, and don't forget to stock up on some fine vodkas to keep the spirits high.

December 21, 2017 16:52
4 minute read.
Shopping cart (Illustrative)

Shopping cart (Illustrative). (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

New in Israel
New Amsterdam Vodka is being introduced in Israel. The American brand, manufactured in Nebraska by Gallo, is distilled five times, producing a clean, soft flavor and a smooth finish. Rated second in the US and sixth in the world in the vodka category, this vodka is smooth enough to drink straight or on the rocks but is fantastic as a base for many cocktails.
NIS 65. Available at wine and liquor stores.

Absolutely festive
Absolut Uncover is a new limited edition of Absolut vodka, launched for the New Year. The bottles are covered in gift wrapping that can be peeled off to reveal the bottle, in line with the company’s slogan “The best nights are waiting to be uncovered.” The wrapping is inspired by the season’s sparkle and magic.
NIS 79


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