Snapshot of a shtetl

Seventy years later, Leyb Rashkin’s Yiddish stories have been translated into English.

June 7, 2018 19:47
4 minute read.
JEWS LIVING in a shtetl in Poland

JEWS LIVING in a shtetl in Poland. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Shimen Shifris was one of 11 children living in Godlbozhits, a fictionalized shtetl in Poland.

During World War I, his father was hanged by the Cossacks while his mother was giving birth to his 10th sibling. When his mother, Henele, found out later what had happened to her husband “she accepted this misfortune almost with indifference. She said nothing; she neither cried, nor lamented, nor tore the hair from her head. She began to pray a lot, reciting her women’s prayers with a dry voice.”


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