Thailand = Happiness

The popular destination spot remains an alluring escape for a high-class getaway.

September 4, 2014 12:38
A pristine island beach

A pristine island beach on a typical Andaman Sea island is just a short speedboat ride from Krabi.. (photo credit: LIOR PATEL)

Thailand has always been on my wish list of places to go, especially after all four of our children visited after their IDF service – while my only travel destination after my own service was reserve duty. One daughter even spent some time there volunteering in a government reserve for abused elephants, which made Thailand sound like a very caring sort of place.

Indeed, that is precisely what the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently decided to show the world, in the form of a VIP tour of the country for some 1,000 journalists from around the globe, including our party of 12 Israelis. The government was eager to demonstrate how the country is now thriving under the leadership of the National Council for Peace and Order, whose generals took power in a bloodless coup in May from a government that was rife with corruption.


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