Astrology for the week of September 23, 2011

Tip for the week: This week your days will be balanced between what you have to do and what you want to do.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Things are finally looking up as you take more control of your life.
This is the time for new beginnings which also include starting that diet you have been putting off and joining a gym. Whereas, in the past few weeks you have been confused as to which path you really want to pursue, you will begin to discover that things are falling into place exactly as you had hoped they would.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you look back at the past and prefer paying homage to tradition.
Problems from the past are no longer looming over your shoulder and as time progresses, you will be happy to note that things are not nearly as bleak as you feared. You have many friends and acquaintances and this week brings the opportunity of meeting someone who could have a major impact on your career. This is the week for focusing that energy surge you are feeling.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you are open to trying new things.
Pleasant time spent with friends will help relax you and by the end of the week you will be more optimistic and ready to tackle new projects. There is someone at work who simply does not understand you and for the time being your best tactic will be to listen rather than speak. In the long run you will be amazed at the results. Friends continue to drop in uninvited, but you don’t care, you enjoy the company.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you will prefer being surrounded by a small group of family members.
Conditions at work continue to improve as you are making some new serious and important contacts.
Your good name and reputation precede you and although your work load is intensive, it is greatly satisfying. Plans to travel must be carefully planned and arranged. This is the time for gathering information rather than for action. Sometimes, being right isn’t enough, so bide your time.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you will remember holidays of the past and try to recapture the atmosphere you remember from your youth.


Your relationship with a person living far away is as strong as ever and this is the time for making plans to be reunited.
Although things are not proceeding as quickly as you would like, you are making progress and soon you will be able to put your plan into action. In the meantime, enjoy the lull in your busy schedule and put some time aside to spend with a close family member.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you want everything to be perfect and are willing to work hard to arrange things just to your liking.
This is the week for appreciating the ‘status quo’ and stepping back from the tumult of your daily routine. You have so many things on your mind these days and not nearly enough hours. Soon you will have more time for yourself and that is when you can begin working seriously on a special project.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah, rather than taking a dominant role, sit back and leave the hard work to the younger generation.
Be rather careful with your money this week and don’t rely on your luck. You can spend as much as you like as long as you have the cash in your pocket.
Exceptional purchases will have to wait a few more weeks. By then you will have the funds to cover your expenses.
Time spent with a female member of your family is always pleasant and this week you will enjoy some quality oneon- one time together.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you prefer acting as a host rather than a guest and will be happy to invite everyone over to your house for the holidays.
After many weeks of taking a back seat and letting everyone else take control, you are finally ready to begin working in earnest on a project which has been on your mind for quite some time. It may take a little longer than you planned to see it come to fruition, but don’t give up. Time spent with a Libra is a joy this month as you are both on the same page.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you are ready to work hard getting everything just right and all your efforts will be greatly appreciated.
(AIR) MAY 21 – JUNE 21
You continue spreading yourself too thin and soon will find it extremely difficult to tie up the loose ends. This week take a step back to reconsider your options.
Then, make a few phone calls and bring in some help. When dealing with a sibling you will discover that it is rather difficult standing in the shadows, but, for the sake of your relationship, that is exactly where you should be right now.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you will be busy talking and meeting with people both old and new.

JUNE 22 – JULY 22
The time has come for you to be a little more circumspect where money and finances are concerned. No matter how tempted you are to throw yourself into retail therapy, you are going to have to control yourself. In the weeks to come your cash flow will increase and that is when you can afford to be extravagant. Pay attention when speaking to a sibling as this person has a lot of little pieces of information which will be important for you to remember.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you are willing to abandon your own needs for the good of all.

You have a great deal of energy and are tired of waiting for the perfect moment before making your move. This week you can take your foot off the brake and move full speed ahead.
Actually, you will be amazed to notice just how much information you managed to gather while waiting in the sidelines. Money and financial matters are still on your mind, but you are much more in control these days.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah let your instinct guide you as you prepare to spend a great deal of time with family and friends.
The time has come for you to stop second guessing yourself, to make up your mind and to begin seriously working on a project you have been mulling over for ages. You have all the necessary facts and information and by know who you can trust. Your financial situation may not be as strong as you would like, but it is strong enough to handle what needs to be done. Sunday and Monday are good days for putting your own needs first.
HINT: This Rosh Hashanah you may feel the need to find a quiet corner where you can rest and get away from the noisy crowd.

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