Exotic superfoods you can grow

Moringa and spirulina have gone native in Israel.

July 30, 2014 14:22
Exotic Food

Tom Vered next to a spirulina tank.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

It’s easy to see why the word “superfood” sounds so attractive.

For the chronically ill, there’s the promise of a natural remedy to reduce symptoms and bring a little ease. For nutrition- conscious parents, it’s some kind of health product that you disguise as a milkshake or slip into the kids’ soup – what they don’t know helps them grow. A strong nutritional formula can benefit vegans looking for a dietary supplement. And some, like workers inhabiting office cubicles for long hours every day or students under pressure, don’t want to sacrifice time shopping, cooking, or even eating – they’d prefer a nutritional formula concocted in the blender and gulped down before they take off for the day.


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