Really Razel

Sitting down with musician Yonatan Razel to discuss his new album, and how his upbringing and background contribute to his wide-ranging appeal

June 15, 2017 18:03
Yonatan Razel

Yonatan Razel. (photo credit: OHAD ROMANO)

Intense is a word that readily springs to mind on meeting Yonatan Razel. The 44-year-old, US-born, Jerusalem-bred musician is also certainly one of a kind.

There are not many black kippa-wearing, beard-sporting haredi artists whose songs gain a generous amount of airtime not only on the religiously oriented radio stations, but also on that definitively mainstream of broadcasting vehicles, Galgalatz. And, with the new KAN88 playlist orientation, Razel songs such as “Bein Hazlilim” (Between the Sounds), “Katonti” (I am Not Worthy) and “Poteakh Lev” (Open to Change) also get a decent look in there too.


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