Wanted: Seeking people present at the creation

‘The Youth of 1948’ project documents the experiences of those living in Israel during the last days of the of the Mandate period, the War of Independence and the state’s creation.

May 19, 2017 16:08
Noemi Schlosser

Noemi Schlosser. (photo credit: KELSEY JORISSEN)

Listening to an old woman’s stories in a friend’s living room a little more than a year ago was enough to transform Noemi Schlosser from a vivacious actress, playwright and theater producer to a video historian driven to record the memories of everyone she can find who was present at the creation of the State of Israel.

Sleeping little, eating only once a day and constantly on the move, Schlosser has embarked on a project she calls “The Youth of 1948,” designed to document the experiences of anyone who lived here in Israel during the last days of the Mandate period, the War of Independence, and the creation of the state. She is motivated particularly by the necessity to record these memories while her elderly narrators are still here and able to tell them.


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