IAF strikes building containing terrorists in Khan Younis

Strike comes after explosive devices were detonated near the Gaza border; no IDF soldiers injured, Palestinians report injuries.

IAF helicopter 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
IAF helicopter 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The IDF confirmed Thursday that Israeli Air Force helicopters in cooperation with Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) struck a building containing terrorists near Khan Younis.
The operatives planted explosives earlier Thursday, and planned to fire at IDF soldiers. They returned fire after the IAF hit.

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No IDF soldiers were injured. Palestinians reported a number of injuries as a result of the strike.
The IDF spokesperson said "The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for maintaining the calm in the Gaza Strip and for any terrorist activity emanating from it. The IDF will continue to respond harshly to any attempt to use terror against the State of Israel."
Two explosive devices were detonated near an IDF force that was on routine patrol on Wednesday. A third explosive device was found on the scene and detonated in a controlled manner.