Despite injunction, Huldai vows to clear tents from TA

Tel Aviv - Jaffa mayor says he received death threats, but will still make sure tents are gone by Rosh Hashana.

protest city hall tel aviv 311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
protest city hall tel aviv 311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
After a night of impassioned protests outside his home, Tel Aviv - Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai said he was unmoved by threats to his life and a court ordered injunction against clearing protest tents, and would remain steadfast in his plans to clear the campsites from the city's public spaces by Rosh Hashana, Army Radio reported Thursday.
"This is not the first time [I have received death threats]," Huldai said, adding "I'm not walking around with bodyguards. I feel safe in my city."

The tents may be down, but the social issues remain

While Huldai insisted he felt the protest was "worthy and respectable," he said "I am also committed to city residents who are not in tents, to kids walking to and from school."
He defended the municipalities actions Tuesday over night, when city clerks cleared uninhabited tents and unclaimed belongings, saying "we only removed empty tents...and look at the fervor it already raised." Still, Huldai said he was determined to clear up the city's streets.
The mayor dismissed a court ordered injunction against the further evacuation of protest tents, saying it was only a temporary ruling, and that the city is committed to finish clearing the campsite by the the start of the high holidays.
After a night of heated protests at the municipality offices and Huldai's house, the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court on Wednesday issued an injunction against further evacuation of protest tents in the city, pending a discussion of the issue involving municipality representatives and protest leaders.
The time of the discussion was expected to be determined on Thursday.
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The decision came after lawyers representing protest leaders requested that the court cancel orders by municipalities across the country to clear tent cities.
Dozens of people demonstrated outside Huldai's home Wednesday evening, in protest of the clearing out of tent cities across Tel Aviv.
The demonstration followed a violent protest that took place outside City Hall earlier, in which over 30 people were arrested after clashing with police.
Social justice movement leader Daphne Leef was also among the demonstrators outside Huldai's home.
Municipal cleanup crews began breaking down social-protest tent cities across Tel Aviv on Wednesday, removing empty tents and assorted clutter.
The locations in question included not only the main Rothschild Boulevard campsite but also those on Nordau and Ben-Gurion boulevards.

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