Southern mob boss held in connection with Tzanani probe

Shalom Donrani suspected of being involved with alleged extortion of music agent by singer Margalit Tzanani.

Margalit Tzanani in court311 (photo credit: Yossi Zeliger)
Margalit Tzanani in court311
(photo credit: Yossi Zeliger)
Police have arrested alleged southern crime boss Shalom Donrani on suspicion of being involved with the alleged extortion of a music agent by singer Margalit Tzanani.
The police have so far refused to detail the specific suspicions against him.
Tzanani ‘central player’ in extortion case, say police
Judge orders Tzanani held in lockup for another four days
The Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court released Assaf Lavi-Tzanani to full house arrest on Wednesday morning.
Under the conditions of his house arrest, Lavi-Tzanani has been forbidden to leave the country or contact anyone connected with what has been dubbed the "Margalit Affair".
Police on Tuesday revealed additional details about the investigation into Tzanani, whose appeal against her ongoing custody was rejected by the Petah Tikva District Court.
The details came as reports said that a well known music television host was questioned as part of the investigation.
Police have refused to comment on the reports.
Tzanani is suspected of turning to acquaintances from the organized crime world to extort and threaten her agent over a financial dispute. She denies the suspicions.
During Tuesday’s hearing, Tzanani’s attorney, Shahar Hatzroni, said, “On the bench of the accused sits a suspect...who has no criminal past, and who until today has played a positive role, and who honestly paved her way [as a singer]. In one day, she is arrested, and today we find ourselves in a second custody hearing.”