Controversial Nazi-themed cafe closes in Indonesia

Lawyer for the venue said the latest in a series of closures came as the result of a lack of customers, and said the establishment will likely reopen in a new location.

January 26, 2017 16:24
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SoldatenKaffee . (photo credit: TIMUR MATAHARI / AFP)

A disputed Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia has recently closed due to a drop in business, AFP cited a lawyer for the establishment as saying.

Featuring swastika decor and a painting of Adolf Hitler, the SoldatenKaffee (The Soldiers' Cafe) in the city of Bandung sparked an international uproar several years ago when reports emerged of its shocking nature.

Along with Third Reich-era memorabilia, the cafe was also known for attracting patrons dressed in WWII military costumes.

The cafe's most recent closing six months ago comes after the venue's owner, Henry Mulyana, closed its door in 2013 in light of death threats he received. The cafe was reopened a year later with the Nazi ornamentation still in place.

"It's not because we love Hitler, we only love things related to World War II," said Mulyana's lawyer,  Rohman Hidayat. "Those objects are not illegal."

The attorney told AFP that the latest shuttering came as the result of a lack of customers, and said the closure was likely only temporary.

"The public interest is low because the current location is not very strategic," he told the press agency, adding that he believed the cafe's controversial theme had not impacted business.

The lawyer added that SoldatenKaffee's owner, Mulyana was now searching for a better location to reopen in the heart of the city in the predominantly Muslim country.

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