The Diver Festival
Diving right in

The Diver Festival presents fascinating movement in the world of contemporary dance.

Iran likens Israelis to egg-stealing pigs from 'Angry Birds'

Iran's version of the popular phone app can be seen at a digital media exhibition in Tehran.

Jpost Debate Logo New
JPost debate: Is the media coverage of Gaza op fair?

What restrictions have journalists covering Operation Protective Edge in Gaza faced, and how can they be overcome?

Cooking with JPost: Mediterranean denis sashimi

JPost's chef Yochanan Lambiase visits Lara restaurant in Jerusalem and gets the low down on how to make delicious denis sashimi.

Israel bat colonies
Bats take over house set to be renovated

Family decides to move back into uninhabited Ashkelon home, renovators find more than 100 bats living in the building.

Kerry Washington
Emmy Awards: Celebrating the ladies on the small screen

This year saw remarkable performances across the board, but on Monday night the most compelling performances by women will be honored at the 66th Emmy Awards.

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen, Schwarzenegger join hundreds of Hollywood heavies in support of Israel

Top entertainers are playing a new role – publicly supporting Israel in its war against Hamas.

The pros and cons of targeted killings

No one knows as yet whether Muhammad Deif is dead or alive, but the attempt on the Hamas military commander’s life raises questions on the effectiveness of assassinations.

IDF in Gaza strip
MIDDLE ISRAEL: Who’s afraid of a war of attrition?

Israel is not used to having size on its side, but in the Gaza conflict it does – and this may require strategies it never previously considered.

Police: Large decrease in crime nationwide amid security flare-up, war in Israel

The drop in crime coincided with a dramatic deployment of police and Border Patrol officers across the country.

Frontlines Podcast: Gaza, the UN, and the ‘haredi street’

This week, Deputy Managing Editor Tovah Lazaroff and Religious Affairs reporter Jeremy Sharon join the podcast.

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