Tel Aviv animal clinic heals snail with broken shell

The snail, who has been named Shevy, was suffering from a broken shell after a person stepped on him accidentally.

February 1, 2017 20:28
Tel Aviv veterinarian

A staff member at Haclinica veterinary clinic in Tel Aviv glues Shevy the Snail's shell back together. (photo credit: COURTESY HACLINICA VETERINARY CLINIC)

A Tel Aviv veterinary clinic received praise on social media after it provided medical treatment to a snail with a broken shell.

On Tuesday, Haclinica veterinary clinic wrote on its Facebook page about a snail, named Shevy, that was brought in for treatment by a person who accidentally stepped on the mollusc.

"Inclement weather is very nice for garden snails, but unfortunately, their curiosity occasionally brings them trouble," the post read.

Staff at the clinic carefully glued Shevy's shell back together, piece by piece.

According to their post, the lucky snail is currently recovering and will remain at the clinic for several weeks to several months, until he is fully recovered.

The clinic invited the public to visit Shevy at their office in 90 Nordau Street in Tel Aviv.

Shevy the Snail recuperating at Haclinica Veterinary Clinic in Tel Aviv (photo credit: HACLINICA VETERINARY CLINIC)

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