Female IDF soldier bites Jesse Underhill fans to grab his jacket

The performance took place at Grand Shopping Center in Beersheba.

TikTok star Jesse Underhill (photo credit: STUDIO MAYSA)
TikTok star Jesse Underhill
(photo credit: STUDIO MAYSA)
A 21-year-old IDF soldier was arrested for biting fellow fans of Jewish-American Tik Tok sensation Jesse Underhill to get to a jacket he tossed to the audience during his show in Beersheba, Ynet reported on Teusday.
The Magistrate Court released her to house arrest after she pleaded guilty, she was banned from entering the Grand Shopping Center, the shopping mall where the show took place, for two and a half months.
Underhill, who has more than five million TikTok followers, posts music videos and clips of himself singing, lip syncing, dancing and chatting. He can also be seen on such platforms as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram, but his real fan base is on TikTok, the app known for very short videos and is intended for mobile phone use.