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Israel Railways trains

Trains stopped due to possible theft of cables

Transports were sent to the affected stations, and technicians are currently working to replace the missing cables.

'Islamic cell' harassing female Bedouin students in Israeli university thwarted

Ben-Gurion University President Daniel Chamovitz revealed that three students continually harrassed female Bedouin students for their "lack of modesty." 

Beersheba terror attack: Applications to carry firearm tripled

24 hours after the terror attack in Beersheba, the application to carry private firearms grew three times its average. According to the Public Security Ministry, "it was expected."

Carnage in Beersheba and a badge of dishonor - opinion

Israelis grieving the loss this week of four precious lives aren’t interested in excuses from the institutions tasked with their safety.


Beersheba Bedouins indicted for smuggling weapons, drugs from Jordan

The indictment comes just two days after a terror attack by a Bedouin in Beersheba, killing four civilians.

Terror breeds where there is anarchy - editorial

Some of the most dangerous places in the world are failed states such as Iraq, Lebanon and Nigeria.

Victims of Beersheba terror attack brought to burial

"These innocent citizens, haven’t done anything wrong – and were murdered just because they are Jews," said Beersheba's mayor.

Police chief after Beersheba attack: We can't put police on every corner

The police chief stressed that while the response time was considered quick, the four minutes it took to arrive were "critical and important."

ITAMAR BEN-GVIR of the Otzma Yehudit Party is led out of the Knesset after heckling Bennett.

Cabinet to approve ten new Negev towns in response to terror

Religious Zionist Party MK Itamar Ben-Gvir disrupted a meeting of the committee about the terror attack and was removed from the room.


From the blog of Jerusalem Jane: 'God, comfort the victims of terror'

Jane Kiel calls on Christians to stand with the Jewish people.

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