December 14, 2017: The European Union's Prism

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December 13, 2017 21:53

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The European Union’s prism

With regard to “EU will allow Trump to go first on Mideast peace” (December 12), I listened to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opening remarks to a stone-faced EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, where he listed Israel’s value to Europe in terms of “security, prosperity and peace.”

EU-dominated Europe indeed views its relations with Israel through this prism, but not in the way presented by Netanyahu. To Europe, it is precisely to advance these interests that it continues to manifest its millennia-old antisemitism with attacks the new Jew of the world, Israel.

As to Netanyahu’s listing of Israel’s technological accomplishments and their direct contribution to Europe’s security, let us not delude ourselves: The Nazis were quite content to receive German army uniforms manufactured in the 100-odd factories in the Lodz ghetto virtually up to the time the ghetto’s last train departed for Auschwitz.

So it is with EU-dominated Europe’s continuing war against the Jews, this time via its proxies, the Palestinians. Its funding of the foot soldiers in this war (and their families) is by now well known. Like the Nazis, the EU obsessively measures by the millimeter the geographical space it allots to Jews in Israel, purporting to again dictate where and how Jews may live, even in the Jewish homeland.

For EU-Europe, the Holocaust is nothing if not unfinished business, which, as historian Ben-Zion Netanyahu reportedly told his son, “continues every day.” Its war against the Jews is the surest means for assuring Europe’s own future. Except that this time, it will not be Israel, but Europe that will generously reap from the hatred it so liberally sows.


Thanks for Caroline B. Glick’s dramatic and shocking column about how Europe is busy fighting against Israel (“Europe’s war against the Jewish state,” Our World, December 12).

The documentation of the European Union’s hostility is more than scandalous. It would indeed be relevant now if the new EU ambassador to Israel responded to the column. Will our Foreign Ministry call him in for an explanation of the EU’s subversive actions against our country?


The EU, or most of its members, is condemning US President Donald Trump, and Israel as well, for the confirmation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In addition to what has already appeared in your pages, I would like to add a point.

The EU has not blamed Israel for the refugee crises in Europe. But has it blamed the Arabs or Muslims? Nooooo! Of course not! The mass exodus from the Middle East and North Africa began with the so-called Arab Spring. The result was millions heading to Europe, where they were welcomed by countries like Germany, France and Sweden, but not the eastern European states – which were smarter and placed restrictions.

Maybe those countries that have been inundated will yet get around to blaming Israel or Trump! LEON CHARNEY Yehud As a Norwegian, I have to tell the people of Israel this: I am ashamed of my government for not following US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital if Israel.

Instead, it keeps on financing the Palestinian war against Israel by sending huge amounts of money every year – even if it knows the money is used for terror against Israel.

But you have a lot of friends in Norway who are praying and defending you in the social media every day, and we will never shut up.

The hatred against the Jewish people grows in Norway, but my voice will never be silenced against this hate. We will always stand on the wall for you, Israel, and we will keep on defending you in all ways.

Brandbu, Norway

On the matter of Jerusalem...

Kudos to Rabbi Norbert Weinberg (“More readers weigh in on US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” Letters, December 12) for pointing out the similarity of the first three letters in the names Truman and Trump.

Similar to what followed US president Harry S. Truman’s recognition of the State of Israel in 1948, I feel sure that – in the course of time – other nations will come forth and express their realization of the truth in the 2017 declaration of US President Donald Trump.

Ramat Hasharon

The Aksa Mosque was built in 705 CE on the Jewish Temple Mount, which was already 1,700 years old. It’s been only 1,312 years since then.

The name was bestowed upon the mosque because only an unidentified location was mentioned in the Koran. Jerusalem was retroactively picked as the location of the reference, just as Saint Catherine decided in the third century that what’s called Mount Sinai today was the Mount Sinai of Moses.

For their own antisemitic reasons, Muslims expanded the “holiness” of their mosque to the entire platform of the compound, then to the entire city of Jerusalem, and from there to all of Israel. It’s considered a positive virtue in the Muslim world to expand the area called the Domain of Islam.

When joined with Christianity’s replacement theology, there was no oxygen left for the Jews until the Balfour Declaration of 100 years ago. The violent Arab reaction at that time, 30 years before the modern State of Israel was born, was not much different from what is happening today.

All this proves that Arab hostility has no relation to what Israel does – it’s all about the fact that Israel is... which is a definition of racism.

Just as the UN long maintained its resolution stating that Zionism was racism, so Israel’s enemies have taken to branding Israel with every evil trait they themselves represent, from ethnic cleansing and apartheid to baby-killing. Again, with the support of Christian supersessionists and communists, the world prefers and accepts Islamic slander against the Jews.

On December 6, the US president finally spoke out and declared “enough!” Islamic ownership of Jerusalem is a fiction. We have yet to see how strong are the shackles of all those bound to the antisemitic myths that have long been the supporting pillars of the Arab positions on Jerusalem.


...and a book in its name

It is time to produce a copy of the Hebrew Bible in everyday English. No thous or thees, but yous and mes. No Hebrew text or classic notes, just the plain unvarnished story. It will be known as the Jerusalem Bible.

Remember the King James Bible in England? A big success! But Christianity is now fading away under the onslaught of the Islamic monster. The Jerusalem Bible will help in the coming struggle.


UNESCO finally gets it right

Kudos to UNESCO for adding Neapolitan pizza- making to its list of the “intangible cultural heritage of humanity,” one of 470 such designations.

There is far more truth and accuracy in this designation than there was in UNESCO’s blatantly fraudulent and flagrantly antisemitic resolution in May, when it attempted to detach the Jewish people from its Jerusalem heritage. Clearly, UNESCO is now doing basic research before making its designations.

Congratulations to the city of Naples!



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