December 15, 2017: Not up to the job

Our readers weigh in.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Not up to the job

With regard to “IDF strikes at Hamas after intercept in Ashkelon skies” (December 13), this is called deterrence? You can fool some people all the time and all some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time – yet in our case, too many people are allowing themselves to be fooled all of the time by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
This tit-for-tat policy is humiliating and only proves that Netanyahu is just not up to the job. Hamas and all of our enemies need to be destroyed, not played with. (Actually, it is they who are playing with us.)
Still doing the fooling, our prime minister tells us he will stand strong against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (“Israel will not be lectured to by the likes of Erdogan,” December 11). Interesting, considering that Netanyahu surrendered to every demand made by the Turkish president after the Mavi Marmara episode, in effect apologizing for our soldiers defending themselves.
So tell us again about deterrence and not being lectured to.
Yes, it’s 2017
Regarding “Why the US still can’t place Jerusalem in Israel” (Analysis, December 13), it is difficult for people like PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi when US President Donald Trump declares that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
As the analysis states, the PLO disputes whether “Israel in modern times has a connection to the city that was the capital of the biblical Jewish state and where its holiest site, the Temple Mount, once stood.” The article characterizes Ms. Ashrawi as insisting “it is ‘crazy’ in the year 2017 ‘to determine geopolitical realities on the basis of 3,000 years ago.’”
Oh, really? Ms. Ashrawi thinks it is crazy that the Jews could be the indigenous people of the biblical Jewish state?
The problem is that the world is ambivalent about the Jewish state and its people. Even after the Balfour Declaration, the British were reluctant to give the Jews full rights. When the United Nations discussed the 1947 partition plan, Jerusalem was placed in an international area – the basis for the nonrecognition by the United States and other countries, and the reason that acting US Assistant Secretary [of State] for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield had to dance around the topic.
As Ms. Ashrawi stated, it is 2017. The world is belatedly recognizing that the government of Israel is in Jerusalem and the 1947 status of Jerusalem is moot. Jerusalem will not be divided, and the current status quo under the Jewish state’s government is better than the ideas others are trying to maintain.
Memphis, Tennessee
The world easily accepted calling Peking “Beijing,” calling Bombay “Mumbai” and calling Burma “Myanmar.” The citizens and/or governments in power made the call and no one even dared challenge them.
Is it not time to call the unique, amazing and beautiful city of Jerusalem by its actual name – Yerushalayim?
Jerusalem/Los Angeles

More than it seems
Your article “Kahlon cuts clothes’ import taxes” (December 12) is misleading when it quotes taxes of 10-30% on electronics and other goods.
Consumers pay VAT on all consumer goods, and unlike businesses, they don’t get it back. VAT, the value added tax (17%,) is based on the value of the goods and the purchase tax. After adding VAT to the value and the tax, 10% becomes 29%, and 30% becomes 52%.
Just whose rabbi?
I hereby request that you remove the sobriquet “America’s rabbi” from the No Holds Barred columns by Shmuley Boteach. He hardly represents the beliefs of most American Jews.
May I inquire as to where and when this title was awarded to him? My best guess is that it was created by the rabbi himself.
It is inappropriate.