Importance of the innovation narrative

When it comes to public image building and representation, writing, recording and sharing become more and more relevant.

April 18, 2017 21:25
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Har Hotzvim

JERUSALEM’S HAR HOTZVIM is home to many hi-tech companies. . (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa or Beersheba; the local Israeli tech industry is one of the best in the world.

What makes Israel so successful in this area? Besides great tech inventions is the simple fact that Israeli leaders understand the need for keeping to a clear public narrative. In contrast to other issues, when it comes to tech, innovation and development, all the public voices are pretty positive.

And of course, Israel’s tech leadership is reflected in several other ways.

The collaboration between Intel and Mobileye is just one example showing the global interest in the Jewish minds. This isn’t the first – nor will it be the last – Israeli company to be purchased by a global corporation (just few months ago it was Playtica).

It is clear that the bond between Israeli tech firms and leading global names like Intel will eventually profit not only entrepreneurs and investors, but also the wider Israeli population, and the government as well. Moreover the benefit is not merely financial.

Perhaps the positive narrative can become part of the persuasion effort directed at populations hostile to Israel.

In the wake of the Mobileye deal alone, we witnessed hundreds of positive articles regarding the “start-up nation.”

True, most were published in local media, and somewhat less in global channels and newspapers. But it doesn’t matter because either way, media consumers are probably starting to realize, just like public figures and politicians already have, the importance of continuity to a good narrative.

In long term, the positive media coverage around the “start-up nation” is definitely helping the Israel brand and no doubt is a smart strategic approach.

Honestly, the technological innovations being produced are great as it is, and local start-ups are changing the world in so many ways. Is that worth less without the right public image? Probably yes.

It’s only fair to say that although the global media usually focuses on negative issues related to Israel, with regard to innovation the treatment is pretty favorable. True, it’s not equal, but it’s going the right way.

With regard to this issue, the repetition of narrative by relevant stockholders is critical. In recent years, thanks to the wonder of social media and other Internet platforms, tech-podcasts, personal blogs, etc., the positive point of view on Israeli and Jewish entrepreneurs became easier to spread.

When it comes to public image building and representation, writing, recording and sharing become more and more relevant. Thanks to that and to global reporters and other media functions that play a significant role in leveraging positive issues and taking care of representation, future generations in Israel will probably enjoy the seeds planted now as part of propaganda efforts to show the world the real Israel, the innovative one.

The writer is a communication and strategic consultant and the founder of the Media-Representations project (Yitchugim Ba’Tikshoret).

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