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The binding work of Yehuda Miklaf

Today in his spacious studio in the capital’s Talpiot industrial district, Miklaf is busy printing limited edition Hebrew texts and binding books, often one-offs, for a worldwide clientele.


21st Maccabiah Games opening: A sparkling ceremony

Our minds were preoccupied with being in the presence of three impressive figures: Joe Biden, Isaac Herzog and Yair Lapid.


Marching at the opening of the Maccabiah

It makes sense that we cheered before even competing in any events. Every single member of every single delegation was a winner just for being there.


Guess who doesn’t recognize Israel?

As an Israeli, I resent these people peddling a non-Israeli, anti-Zionist fake “Year in Israel.” As a taxpayer, I resent subsidizing these programs

This Israeli cancer therapy could change the world

Israeli biotech company Enlivex has developed a treatment that it believes may revolutionize the way solid tumor cancers are treated.

Unraveling antisemitism with US special envoy Deborah Lipstadt

US special envoy to combat antisemitism Deborah Lipstadt gives a keynote address at a Hebrew University of Jerusalem seminar.

Tzipi Hotovely – Israel’s champion in Britain

The incoming coalition government was wise indeed to maintain her in the post, and it would be equally wise of the government coming into office to allow her to serve out her full term.

How to go on the offensive against anti-Zionists

From the Palestinian leadership’s misogyny, intolerance of LGBQT+, dictatorship-style treatment of journalists and their citizens, and kleptocracy: Narratives to go on the offensive.

What did Joe Biden's visit mean for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Palestinians?

Flights will be allowed over Saudi Arabia, but normalization is far away * No progress has been made on a defensive alliance against Iran * The Palestinians are dissapointed


Israel Elections: Gantz turns Netanyahu-Lapid showdown into a 3-way race

Despite its apparently limited following, the new alliance is positioned to emerge as the game changer that might end Israel’s three-year political impasse.

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