Using a Sterling Silver Chanukah Menorah for lighting your Chanukah candles is considered an enhancement of your Mitzvah (Hiddur Mitzvah).  Sterling Silver is right there at the top of the list (right after gold).

The Hadad family has been making Sterling Silver Judaica for generations.  They were fashioning beautiful and unique creations in Tripoli in Libya, and have been continuing to do so since they made Aliyah in 1964, when they founded the Hadad Pure Silver chain.  Their exacting and meticulous traditional craft and artistry, combined with modern design and production methods allow you to enjoy their products throughout the year.

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The raw silver pellets which come into the Hadad factory are melted down, then cooled and reworked in a complex process with painstaking detail to produce what seems an infinite variety of gleaming Sterling silver Judaica, designed to please even the most discerning connoisseur and collector, and at the same time suitable for practically every budget and home.

For Chanukah, the Hadad Pure Silver chain offers a unique, rich and varied collection of Menorahs in Sterling silver.  The collection is available for you in the Hadad Pure Silver stores, as well as online through the Israel Catalog site to.  The time to get a Menorah is now – to make sure that you get it in time for the holiday.

The Hadad Menorah collection offers ancient and traditional styles, alongside modern themes, all perfectly finished with contemporary attention to detail. Each Menorah is composed of approximately 35 individual pieces, all lovingly put together to give you that perfect Menorah which is just right for you.  Hadad offers two types of Menorah models: 
•    The back wall Menorah, where the candles are lit in one row on a flat base, which has an ornately decorated back piece, which reflects the lights of the candles while offering visual interest with traditional etchings in pure Sterling Silver.
•    The central column Menorah echoes the design of the golden Menorah of the Holy temple:  The base of the column narrows and tapers upward, and four arms on each side hold the bases for the candles.
Both models have been around for centuries, so either offers you an opportunity to connect with your roots and acquire a Judaica heirloom, symbolizing the long Jewish heritage of celebrating freedom from oppression.  Any of the hundreds of Hadad Menorah designs will undoubtedly enhance your candle lighting for many years to come, filling your home with light, while becoming a treasured item to pass on for many generations to come.

Hadad Menorahs are made in a variety of sizes:  the smallest one actually weighs as little as 100 grams, and the largest one weighs over 20 kilo of pure Sterling silver, and is 1.8 meters high (almost 6 feet).  They are easy to maintain with high quality Sterling Silver care products, and if well taken care of will retain their sparkle for years to come.

So – come see the Hadad Pure Silver collection at the Jpost Store and enjoy the variety and feel of their stunning Menorah collection.

For orders visit:  

Or call Toll-FREE:

USA & Canada: 1-855-ISRAEL1 (1-855-477-2351)
U.K. & Northern Ireland: 0-800-028-7172
Australia: 1-800-035-639

Israel: +972-8-9153696

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