Some Holocaust victims may have owned assets in Israel that can now be promptly returned to their rightful heirs- a bequest that will help sustain the memory of the victims amidst their surviving relatives. The Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets is searching for legal beneficiaries of Holocaust victims. Assets that are currently being held by various agencies can now be returned to their rightful owners.
If you are the legal heir of a Holocaust victim, the Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets, which seeks and administers assets located in Israel, is awaiting your call.
The establishment of the company is one more important step in the 100-year old story of the Jewish Nation: on the eve of the Second World War, many Jews from Central and Eastern Europe purchased land, houses and apartments in the Land of Israel, deposited money in "Israeli" banks and invested in "Israeli" bonds. Their motives were varied and rooted primarily in Zionist ideology. Some were even preparing the ground for Aliyah - immigration to the Promised Homeland.
By the time the war had ended, many of these Jews, their families and children, who had lived in Germany and other European countries had lost their lives. Consequently, considerable assets which had belonged to these victims remained in probate.
For decades, these assets were unclaimed. Several years ago, the State of Israel established a company whose exclusive purpose was to locate the heirs of Holocaust victims and to reinstate them with the lost assets of their loved ones. Thus, the purpose of this company is to do justice with the Holocaust victims and to put right an historical wrong that was done to their heirs, by returning the assets of the victims to their rightful owners.
As part of its responsibilities, the company identifies assets located in Israel whose owners may have been killed in the Holocaust, and independently initiates searches for the rightful owners of these assets both in Israel and abroad.
On its website, the company publishes lists of assets provided by various agencies that have administered them until the present day; Jews from all around the world are being invited to peruse the data base and identify assets hitherto unclaimed.
The company estimates that tens of thousands of heirs to Holocaust victims' assets live abroad, and it is now calling upon them to contact the company so that it can reinstate them with these assets - a bequest of their loved ones and in memory of them. The company is doing its utmost to locate these beneficiaries; but since the majority of them are unaware that their relatives may have invested in the Land of Israel, it has so far only managed to identify not many.
Over the upcoming months, the Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets will embark upon a world-wide search for the heirs of Holocaust victims. At present, the company is administering assets worth hundreds of millions of Shekels, and it will do its utmost to return these to their rightful owners. In accordance with Israeli law, assets that remain unclaimed can be used by the company to assist Holocaust survivors who are in need, and for projects related to the education, documentation, and commemoration of the Holocaust and its victims.
We call upon you, Jews the world over whose relatives perished in the Holocaust, to examine the list of names and assets on our site - - and to help us fulfill our historical and moral duty towards the victims, to return their lost assets, to honor their memory and to maintain their legacy.

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