The troubled direction the finance market has taken is due to a variety of factors, not the least of which is the fundamental problems that exist in our U.S. dollar monetary system.

When the dollar was first introduced to Americans, it was merely a claim-check for gold. Anyone could walk into a bank, turn over a $20 bill, and receive a 1oz gold piece in return. The dollar was thus 100 percent backed by precious metals, which is to say the dollar was backed by something with real value.

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To complicate matters further, a central bank (The Federal Reserve) was established in the early part of the 20th century. Over the course of the last 100 years, our central bank and our government have teamed together to decouple the dollar from gold and to print new currency into existence causing inflation. The result of this unfortunate behavior is that the U.S. dollar has lost 98 percent of its value since the initiation of the Federal Reserve.

Recently the Federal Reserve has discovered ways to not only devalue our currency, but even create artificial economic bubbles in all paper assets, including stocks and bonds, as well as malinvestment in industries like housing. These asset bubbles occur because of the central bank's ability to manipulate our currency by setting artificial interest rates for borrowing and by determining who has access to the new currency they print (see: Quantitative Easing).

This regrettable economic course the U.S. has taken now leads us to discuss precious metals. Precious metals, like gold and silver, are marvelous instruments of economic power. You could even describe them as being the only true form of money. Their power is apparent for a few reasons. One, no government can print more of them. There is a finite amount of precious metal on earth and that's it. Furthermore, we even consume metals like silver at a high rate in industry, causing the amount in existence to lessen and ultimately making it more valuable. Two, they have intrinsic value. Gold and silver are not only desirable as mediums of exchange, but they have other desired uses such as jewelry and industrial uses, including medicinal and electrical. Three, they have massive historical affirmation as an economic vehicle that retains its value over time. Gold and silver are among the oldest forms of money and have consistency remained so in nearly every major civilization throughout history. A person's daily wage for labor a thousand years ago measured in silver is almost identical to the same measurement today. Precious metals truly retain their value over time.

Now that the problem has been established, and now that a worthy solution has been proposed, let's take a look at how best to acquire "real money".


Regal Assets is a precious metals dealer that was established in 2003. They have operations established in California, Texas, and London, allowing them quick shipping access to customers all over the world. Delivery is guaranteed in under 7 days, or you will receive a free 1oz Silver American Eagle. This is the fastest shipping service in the industry.

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Not only do they offer fast delivery on high quality metals, they also offer gold backed IRA programs, transfer service from an existing IRA of 401k, and can even store your items for you if you prefer not to store them yourself.
In the U.S. IRAs have a great many legal requirements attached to them. If done improperly, taxes and other penalties can be charged. Regal Assets will set up a self-directed IRA on your behalf, and then work with your current IRA provider to transfer the funds. The self-directed IRA is a legal arrangement that gives you the freedom to have a larger range of assets included in the retirement fund such as precious metals. Transferring a traditional paper based IRA into a gold backed IRA is no easy task, however, Regal Assets makes it easy. Their team does the hard work for you and makes sure your transition from paper to gold is simple and a success.

401k transfers are offered as well, and the Regal staff are also experts at this process. 401k's are a lot different that IRAs in many regards and no one is better qualified at analyzing the unique factors each customer presents and guiding the customer towards a successful transfer.

As mentioned, gold storage through a highly respected third party custodian is yet another service provided. The fee is only $250 per year and allows you unlimited storage capacity. This is a great option if you feel uncomfortable with your security options at home. Storing your gold at a high security facility will give you peace of mind.

In addition to these great services, Regal Assets gives out a free gold investment kit to any member who invests at least $5,000 with them. Inside this great resource you will find an abundance of valuable information to help you understand investing in precious metals better.

So the services sound wonderful, but you may be asking yourself, "Can I trust them?" The answer to that question is simple. There is no precious metals dealer out there with a better reputation for ethical and high quality business practices. Period. Regal Assets has received top marks from the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink.

The Better Business Bureau has rated them 'A+', it's highest rating offered, and declared them an official accredited business. This high rating is not given to just anyone. Only those institutions with the very best practices are awarded this honor. The BBB has a brutal 16 step evaluation process and few companies, like Regal Assets, are left standing at the end. Business transparency, reputation, and high customer esteem are among the factors that sets them apart.

The Business Consumer Alliance has awarded them its highest rating 'AAA' as well. In describing the 'AAA' status the BCA states the following on their website, "An exemplary rating. This means that nothing in our files causes us to have any doubt about the company’s reliability."

Trustlink is a particularly great third party assessment, because it is entirely consumer review driven. This gives the researcher direct access to how consumers feel about a certain business. At the Trustlink site you'll discover that Regal Assets has also achieved the highest rating available here, a perfect 5 stars out of 5. Customers are loving the fact that their agents are not pressuring them into buying products and have an earnest desire for them to be fully informed of every aspect of the process before buying. When nearly every single real life customer raves about the services of company, particularly American customers who have the highest of expectations when it comes to market services, you should consider doing business with them.

Regal Assets was featured in the Forbes Magazine 20th Anniversary Edition as well being ranked 20th in the financial services category in a 2013 edition.

"Regal Assets LLC is our #1 ranked precious metals IRA and bullion company in 2015.

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