The 11 Coolest Steampunk Outfits & Dresses You Can Buy

When trying to create the vision of steampunk fashion, you have to be exact. From full outfits to the small details, we've brought you some of the top pieces around.

11 Coolest Steampunk Outfits  (photo credit: PR)
11 Coolest Steampunk Outfits
(photo credit: PR)
Originating from steampunk genre fiction, steampunk fashion brings creativity to a whole new and unique level. The best steampunk outfits incorporate a heavy dose of the Victorian age and well placed items or shapes inspired by steam technology. Steampunk dresses vary from beautiful pale colors to more rusty shades of brown or red, and they proudly exhibit complicated patterns and intricate structure. Combining rich colors and textures, steampunk outfits are all about impressing and entertaining the viewer. Because steampunk outfits are truly an expression of the wearer, this is a fashion trend that has no limits.

1. Steampunk Victorian Gothic Womens Costume Show Girl Skirt: $44, Amazon

This skirt features and elastic waist and adjustable front length, and it is perfect for steampunk, cyberpunk, or even as part of a pirate's costume. Its four tiers of fabric are made out of rayon, and the skirt comes in a chocolate brown or black version. It has even made appearances at Renaissance fairs, weddings, costume parties, and in casual public. Reviewers have noted its multi-use capability, durability of fabric, and comfort. This product is available on Amazon today. 

2. California Costumes Women's Steampunk Girl Costume: $31 - $83, Amazon

A rich burgundy and brown color, this costume is a complete package. It features a drop-v waistline and a sweetheart neckline, and it also comes with glovelettes. The bottom of the dress is styled with a higher front, accentuating the legs. Also included is a top hat with a sash and decorations. Reviews compliment the durability and comfort of the costume. Buyers also note that it does not include the pictured petticoat. Find this product online on 

3. Steampunk Retro Victorian Punk Cincher Lace up Long Ruffle Pencil Skirt: $106, Amazon

This is another intricate steampunk skirt that works well for various situations, including costume parties, weddings, lingerie, and formal attire. Those who have purchased this item complimented the quality of how it was made. People also love the uniqueness of the skirt, noting that it carries a whimsical feeling. Potential buyers should note that this skirt does not come with the pictured mini-skirt, and it is primarily an addition piece. You can find this skirt on Amazon today.

4. Steampunk Leather Cosplay Skeleton Men Stylish Motorcycle Bike Gothic Gloves: $69, Amazon

A great addition piece for driving your motorcycle, car, or really any vehicle, this gothic glove seriously screams steampunk. It features a complete leather body with small metal skulls at each fingertip. The thick wristband also has a larger skull embedded on the top. Connecting four of the fingers are small metal chains, situated on both the second and third knuckles. This glove is a great addition for more gothic or punk outfits and creates a statement that gets the attention of a whole room. Add this to your collection today, and find it online at 

5. Steampunk Goth Mediterranean Rudder Ship Wheel Belt Satchel Back To School Bags: $133, Amazon

Wrapping around the torso, these leather bags are both useful and attractive. Advertised as being able to be used as messenger bags for back to school attire, the bags feature a uniquely beautiful pattern that makes a bold statement. The waist is elastic and the back is adjustable, so this item fits all different shapes and sizes. A versatile design, it can be used to accent pirate, cyberpunk, or Goth costumes. It can even just be added to everyday wear. Find this item on 

6. Kiwi-Rata Women's Retro Gothic Lace Up Boned Corset Bustier Top S-2XL: $40, Amazon

This beautiful, deep red under-bust corset is perfect as a sexy addition to costumes, cosplay, or lingerie. The fabric has sleek black lines running from top to bottom and accentuating the angles of your waist. The front features adjustable buckles that enable the item to keep a tight hold and form, while the back has adjustable lace. This product fits many sizes with its high versatility. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This item can be purchased on 

7. Kiwi-Rata Gothic Stripe boned Buckle Lace up Overbust Bustier Corset Top S-2XL: $40, Amazon

An over-bust corset, this item comes in both black and deep red. Both colors are made of fabric with vertical black satiny lines that draw attention to the cinched waist. Running down the front of this corset is a zipper overlaid by 5 buckles. Small silver chains hanging on each side of the waist create a slimming effect. This corset covers the hips of the wearer, and the back features adjustable lace. You can buy this corset on 

8. Kiwa-Rata Women Lace Straps Faux Leather Overbust Corset with Thong: $50, Amazon


This beautiful corset incorporates the strength of leather with the delicacy of lace. A rich black color, the bodice is made of a simple black leather that is only interrupted by slimming lines that run vertically from top to bottom. Beginning at the high-waist, the corset has a flowery lace that stretches all the way down to the hips where it hangs lightly. Completing the look are two shoulder straps. The back is very steampunk and zips up from hip to mid-back. This item comes with a G-string, and it is available on Amazon

9. Women's Steampunk Punk Rock Full Steel Boned Underbust Corset Top: $24, Amazon

This corset stands out from the crowd with unique buckles that have a strictly mechanical feel. Three small silver chains dangle from a beautiful brooch placed on the side of the corset. A panel of silver and shiny Victorian-style flowered lace covers the black leather on the right side. The front of the corset has horizontal boning, while the sides of vertical. This corset has adjustable lacing in the back with a modesty panel. Purchase this item on 

10. Steampunk Fashion Victorian Punk Prom Dresses Bridesmaid Dresses Maxi Dresses: $127, Amazon

This long skirt features a design that gives the appearance of two skirts in one. The top has a tripe of a lacy red overlay, which is complimented by the same lacy red fabric on the bottom. This is a durable skirt that works well for any plus-size wearers. Those who have purchased this item note the "excellent quality and beautiful details." This skirt can be found and purchased online at 

11. FeelinGirl Women's Steel Boned Brocade Steampunk Embroidery Overbust Corset: $28 - $33, Amazon

A beautiful rusty brown and red, this corset boasts a bold pattern throughout the majority of the piece. A curved brown leather accent creates a un-zipped appearance on the front, while the back consists of adjustable red lacing. This product has a steel-boned waist cincher, which accentuates a trim and curvaceous waistline. Reviewers love the quality and uniqueness of this corset and have described it as "elegant" and "sexy." Purchase this item on Amazon

Any of the above pieces are sure to add a unique and professional element to your steampunk outfit. If you are looking to add a hard-edge to your appearance, try the Goth gloves or the Buckled Overbust Corset. Those looking for a feminine touch will love the Maxi Skirt and Steampunk Corset

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