The HAS Advantage Visa Card - Made for You

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Has Visa flag
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Adam and Eve, Ben and Jerry, hummus and pita. Some things were made for each other. For those with an affinity towards the land and people of Israel, the HAS Advantage Visa card, the first ever support-Israel credit card, was made just for you. The HAS Advantage Card is the first-ever Visa credit card that offers you rewards and benefits and lets you support Israel-related charities with every purchase. The card was launched in 2005 in conjunction with Visa and US Bank. Since its inauguration, HAS Advantage cardholders have generated over three hundred thousand dollars in donation revenue to charities such as social services, hospitals, and education in Israel. With no annual fee, the card offers exciting mutual benefits to cardholders and to the people of Israel. The HAS Advantage Card was specifically designed to forge an ongoing, daily connection between the cardholder and Israeli society. It's not just about having a picture of the Kotel or the Israeli flag on your credit card, though. Each time a HAS card is swiped, a percentage of that purchase is donated to up to five charities from within the HAS Network. Additionally, cardholders earn points for every dollar they spend. Those points quickly accumulate towards tangible, attractive rewards, such as 1% cash back, merchandise electronics and more! What's more exciting is HAS Advantage's unique alliance with EL AL, which allows members to transfer their HAS points to EL AL's Matmid frequent flyer program for the lowest rate in the market. Members also receive discounts at over 100 restaurants, attractions, and other tourist locations while visiting Israel; making your visits more enjoyable and more affordable. What better way to put your purchasing power towards a good cause than to help HAS Advantage support 20+ charities, all the while ensuring incomparable benefits such as flights to Israel for as low as 56,000 points and access to hundreds of discounts at the places you love to shop? For me, there is none other than my HAS Advantage Support Israel Card. It's like having a piece of Israel in my pocket all the time, it was made for me. For more information Click Here
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