It’s the time of the year when we cultivate a sense of personal renewal as we begin yet another cycle of the journey of life. To symbolize new beginnings, it's the perfect time to renew our Rosh Hashanah experience itself. To this end, here are the top five Rosh Hashanah gift ideas for 2014:

•Honey Dishes: One of the special aspects of Rosh Hashanah is the custom to eat various foods that symbolize, through taste or name, ideas we hope to see manifest in the coming year. Perhaps the most famous is the honey into which we dip our food in on this night, as an omen for a sweet year to come. Take your pick from a wide variety of beautiful honey dishes to add a sense of joyful elegance to this ancient custom.
•Shofar: Arguably the most ancient and iconic Jewish ritual instrument, the distinctly primal sound of the shofar was historically used for various purposes, including to announce the start of holidays, as a musical instrument in the Temple and to mark the start of a war. Today the shofar is the primary symbol of the Jewish New Year, when it has the unique power to wake up our soul to the presence of its Infinite source. Ever thought about having your own? Think again.
•Pomegranate Art: Grown for thousands of years in the Mediterranean region, the pomegranate is referenced throughout the Bible, while according to Jewish tradition its many seeds represent righteousness, abundance, and wisdom, making it a staple of the Rosh Hashanah table, as well as a popular and elegant decorative motif throughout Jewish art.
•Jewish Calendar:  As the Jewish people begin their new year, it’s a good time to connect to the uniqueness of the Jewish calendar. This unique collection of fun calendars, with inspiring pictures of Israel, are a wonderful and practical to decorate the wall.  Each calendar includes 13 complete months, covering the entire year, with all Jewish and Israeli holidays noted.  
•Israeli Gift Baskets: There will likely be no shortage of food at the Rosh Hashanah family gathering but that doesn't mean anyone wouldn't love their own gift basket full of Israeli goodies, such as the "Premium" variety basket or the "Sweet delights" gift package, with its array of Israeli wine and honeys. A great way to add the holy energy of the Land of Israel to your holiday table. 
Indeed, there is something for any home and for any budget. So get the year started with a sense of newness you can feel and touch (or taste!), and may it be a symbol of a deeper sense of renewal to take you into the year ahead.  Shop today! Happy New Year!  

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