14 Minimalist Wordpress Themes For Clean & Simple Websites

Minimalism is the preferred style for more and more websites these days. Here are some themes you can use to make your Wordpress site look professional and fashionable.

14 Minimalist Wordpress Themes For Clean & Simple Websites (photo credit: PR)
14 Minimalist Wordpress Themes For Clean & Simple Websites
(photo credit: PR)

You don’t need to learn how to code or hire a web designer to make your Wordpress site beautiful. With Themeforest, personalizing your website is as easy as picking the right theme and checking out. They have have the best minimalist Wordpress themes for personal blogs, corporate pages, creative portfolios, photography albums, and more. Here are some of the top minimalist themes that are made to reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase your number of visitors. Find the one that best fits your content and you can instantly start enjoying the benefits of having an attractive, stylish website. 

1. Aurum - Minimalist Shopping Theme, $59, Themeforest

This straightforward shopping theme will ensure that your customers get the smoothest shopping experience possible. It places your products front-and-center for easy visibility. It is versatile enough for any type of store, but it even includes variations for specific subjects such as fashion, jewelry, technology, and bookstores. Customers will love how easy it is to use your shop with this theme.

2. Dust - Responsive & Minimalist Theme, $44, Themeforest

Here is a theme that won’t get in your way. Dust uses the “content is king” philosophy to always put the focus on your website’s content. It steers away from distracting graphics that risk compromising that goal. Its other killer feature is the range of customizability it includes. The administration panel can quickly change the colors, font, logo, widgets, or anything else you may need to make your website your own.

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3. PortfolioRx - Minimalistic Portfolio Theme, $44, Themeforest

When you want to show off your creative work, you don’t want a complicated layout getting in the way. This 100% responsive design comes ready to display your portfolio without requiring a lot of time-consuming work. You can quickly set up the portfolio you need and get back to your creative work.

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4. Yusuf - Minimalist WordPress Theme, $44, Themeforest

Yusuf is a professional theme for creative portfolios. No one wants their creative content marred by a sloppy web interface. This theme’s business-like appearance is responsive and customizable so you can create the tone and style that is right for you. Visitors are sure to take your content seriously with this theme’s level of professionalism.
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5. Reset - Minimalistic Portfolio Theme, $49, Themeforest

This theme is minimalistic on multiple levels. Its appearance puts content first; it does not come with complicated settings or controls. For someone who enjoys getting into files and tweaking code, this may be your the ideal theme. It’s rated 5 out of 5 stars and comes with excellent support to answer any of your questions.

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6. Lightning - Multipurpose Minimalist Theme, $49, Themeforest

Here is a theme that can serve many functions at once. It may be used for a portfolio, magazine, blog, and much more. It comes with a collection of flat elements, including a beautiful icon set to accent your website’s design. The administration panel is powerful, enabling you to customize everything about your website in a snap.

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7. Spaceship - Minimalist Photography Portfolio Theme, $44, Themeforest

A photographer shouldn’t just use any old theme to show off their work, they need something that will make their photos shine. Spaceship comes with all of the features you would need: album lists, fullscreen slideshows, thumbnails, multi-colored backgrounds, multi-upload, and many more appearance options for every photo and photo album. The theme is customizable and even includes a sample child theme.

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8. Minerva - Minimalist Business WordPress Theme, $44, Themeforest

Minerva will help you put your best foot forward when presenting your business. This professional theme comes designed to make your business look professional and attractive for your customers and clients. It is customizable and compatible with all of the standard plugins and widgets. 

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9. Coast - Flat and Minimalist Blogging Theme, $49, Themeforest

Coast is specially designed for personal image based blogs. It looks elegant and is easy-to-use on every device. The customization options include different types of front pages, such as masonry, and a grid layout in addition to the classic style. You will be able to easily customize this to change your layout as well.

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10. Genova - Minimalistic WordPress Template, $44, Themeforest

This theme will put all of your content first no matter what. All of the extra features, such as widgets, appear hidden by default. With this, your users will be able to keep their attention focused on your content and the minimalist navigation. The customization options include different color schemes and fully editable PSD files.

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11. Gridlocked: Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio Theme, $54, Themeforest

For the website with a lot of creative content to display, the grid layout is proven to work very well. Gridlocked fully utilizes this design strategy with no gimmicks or frills to get in the way. It comes with both a dark and a light color scheme, either of which support a variety of different types of posts to fit whatever your content is.

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12. Aeolus - Corporate Minimalist Wordpress Theme, $44, Themeforest

The “metro” design style takes a cue from flat, colorful metro signs, and this theme can apply that design to your website. It is high contrast and readable on any device. Additionally, the simplicity puts your content first. Aeolus is ideal for your business, portfolio, or corporate website. It works with any site that requires a professional look and feel to it.

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13. Breeze | Minimalist Responsive Personal Blog, $44, Themeforest

This is a great overall theme for any type of personal blog. Breeze supports many types of blog styles, from regular blog, to three column, to Pinterest style layouts. All options are customizable, so you can make your blog your own. This theme comes highly recommended from many happy customers with an average 5 out of 5 star rating.

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14. Acerola - Ultra Minimalist Agency Theme, $59, Themeforest

As a creative business, you want your content immediately visible and not hidden away in extra pages or behind menus. Acerola is designed for single-page layouts to put as much as possible on the screen at once while retaining readability and simplicity. It has all of the standard customizability options that you need to make sure that your agency stands out from the crowd.

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Which minimalist Wordpress theme is right for you? Breeze is by far one of the best all-around options for any type of blog. It looks great and its high number of satisfied customers can attest to its effectiveness. For more specialized types of websites, you may be better off with either a photography album theme, or maybe just a simple corporate theme. You can’t go wrong with any of them, because they all come with highly customizable options that ensure that your website will always be uniquely yours.

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