Bluehost Review: Why Bluehost Remains One Of The Top Web Hosting Choices

Web hosting is a key component of a successful website. Getting the best web hosting could result to an improve SEO and increase in web traffic.

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Bluehost was established in 2003 with the goal of making a better hosting company. Bluehost is built on open source technology and is now regarded as one of the world’s largest provider of cloud-based online solutions. Bluehost, with its headquarters in Provo, Utah, together with its sister companies, collectively hosts approximately 2 million domains.

Known for its reliability and integrity, Bluehost may be considered as the most affordable among the reputable web hosting companies all over the world. Proof of this is the 20,000 new customers attracted to the Bluehost service every month. The company is one of the very few web hosting companies that provide all of the technical support their clients’ need.

Advanced Features

From the day Bluehost was established, it had been in the forefront of technological developments and improvements in the web hosting industry. Bluehost has become synonymous with highest quality service and the leader in an evolving technology. With the needs of webmasters worldwide evolving continuously, Bluehost is always ahead of the technological demands of the time. This is the main reason why Bluehost is regarded and has remained the leader of the highly competitive web hosting world.

Bluehost offers the following features that make it the recognized leader in the industry:

⦿ Free domain name included – While most web hosting companies require clients to get and pay for their own domain name, a subscription with Bluehost comes with free domain name, a great savings for webmasters on a tight budget.
⦿ Unlimited bandwidth – Bluehost allows an unlimited amount of data transferred from your web space, with no restrictions such as those practiced by other web hosting companies.
⦿ Unlimited disk space – Bluehost allows its clients to store as much files as they want in their disk space as long as those files do not violate any laws of the US or copyrights owned by other companies.
⦿ Unlimited add-on websites – Webmasters may decide, in the course of their operation, that an additional website may help promote their business. Bluehost offers the opportunity to have add-on websites hosted under the same account simply by having an add-on domains. Each add-on slot allows for an additional website hosted under the same original account.
⦿ Thirty-day money back guarantee – In the event that a Bluehost client is not satisfied with the web hosting arrangement, they can cancel and refund their payment within a thirty-day period, no questions asked.
⦿ Automated backups – Bluehost automatically backs up the files of a website without the Webmaster initiating such backup. That simply means that you can just keep your website running without worrying when and how to back up.
⦿ One-click WordPress installation – Bluehost makes WordPress installation very easy with its 1-click WordPress installation. This is done simply by going to the Bluehost website, click the control panel, enter domain and password, click log on and then click 1-click WordPress and you will be up and running. Nothing could get easier than this.

Industry-leading Uptimes

Bluehost’s state-of-the-art infrastructures, combined with a service unmatched in the industry, make the company the industry leader in uptimes. Bluehost boasts of a very impressive and hi-tech data center with Internet connectivity over the OC-48 connection that has incredible 2GB/sec bandwidth.
Bluehost offers its clients quad processor servers with round-the-clock monitoring, mirrored storage backups, a diesel-powered backup generator in the event of power outages.  Bluehost’s servers operate on 64-bit Linux distributions, allowing a super-fast site performance with no excessive CPU load and server slowdowns even during peak usage times. No other Web hosting company can offer what Bluehost is giving its clients, making the company the unquestionable leader in this continuously evolving industry.

The cPanel Interface

Bluehost’s cPanel interface is the back end administration’s favorite. The cPanel , a Linux-based web hosting control panel, provides a graphical interface and automation tools that can simplify the web hosting process. cPanel’s 3-tier structure offers web administrators and end-users capabilities to control the different aspects of the website and server administration using a standard web browser. cPanel’s intuitive design and comprehensive features allow webmasters to easily launch and maintain their websites. The Page Wizard application, which allows the creation of professional-looking web pages through few clicks, as well as the script and file management support for Fantastico, are the other outstanding features that make cPanel very popular among webmasters.



Widely used software packages, including WordPress, Joomia, and Drupal, can easily be installed through Bluehost’s offering of SimpleScripts, Fantastico, and Mojo, allowing for the easy installation of blogs, forums, image galleries, polls and content management systems.
Fantastico de Luxe, a favorite among webmasters, is famous for its simple operation. Its inclusion as part of a Bluehost plan adds value to an already featured-packed offering.  Advanced users who opt to manually install scripts will have peace of mind knowing that Bluehost also supports other scripting languages such as:
⦿ CGI or computer-generated imagery
⦿ Phython – a general-purpose, high-level programming language that is widely used in the industry
⦿ PERL 5 – a highly capable, feature-rich programming language with 27 years of development.
⦿ PHP4 and PHP5 – two versions of PHP, a server-side scripting language mainly devoted to web development.
⦿ Ruby on Rails – a model-view-controller framework that provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.
⦿ CRON jobs, Apache, .htaccess, custom php.ini, and others.

Performance and Uptime

The most important aspect of any web hosting experience is network reliability.  While most web hosting providers promise 99.9% uptime, only Bluehost and a few others can actually back up such claim with actual performance and data. Because of Bluehost’s proven network integrity, webmasters need not be scared of their business losing its competitive edge simply because the website is always down, a major reason why website owners keep on shifting from one web hosting company to another.
Bluehost takes its business and its feature offerings very seriously. Websites hosted by Bluehost normally experience downtime only during their scheduled maintenance periods. Planned downtime of Bluehost’s sites is normally scheduled during off-peak periods to minimize its impact to the business.

Customer and Technical Support

Bluehost customers can easily access both customer and technical support through the Bluehost Help Center that maintains a complete database of troubleshooting issues and fixes. Live phone support is also offered 24/7.