Royal CBD's Product Line: A Look at Their High Quality, Affordable Products

If you haven’t come across Royal CBD’s pure CBD oil products before, you’re in for a treat.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

If you haven’t come across Royal CBD’s pure CBD oil products before, you’re in for a treat. By now, most people are already well aware of the benefits of CBD for a range of different health conditions, and governments around the world have started to wise up to the new trend and to pass legislation accordingly.

One of the biggest players in the current CBD market is Royal CBD, and the company has recently released an exciting new range of products which includes everything from CBD gummies to “high-quality full-spectrum CBD extracts available in 250mg and 500mg”. With such a wide, diverse range of products on offer, there really is something for everyone.

And so without further ado, let’s jump on in and take a look at what Royal CBD has to offer us with their new range.


Royal CBD’s lines

They say that variety is the spice of life, and Royal CBD is making it its goal to bring this variety to the consumer CBD market. That’s one of the reasons why their line of CBD gummies is so popular; the other is the fact that the marketplace has witnessed huge numbers of new vendors making their entry, and not all of them are ethical.

Royal CBD’s USP is that they’re dedicated to hemp and its many uses, with CBD being only the beginning. Instead of putting profits first and customers second or cutting corners and risking non-compliance, Royal CBD is known for its commitment to quality and its determination to provide some of the highest quality CBD products on the marketplace.

Back in 2018, the company released its 250mg and 500mg bottles of CBD oils which use a simple formula combining organically-grown hemp extracts with high-grade MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides). Now, they’re following it up with the addition of three more products and some additional options for its existing oils.


New products

The first major addition to the line is its high-potency CBD oil, which clocks in at 1000mg and which is double the strength of their previous highest potency product. It delivers an impressive 1mg of CBD with every single drop, and if it’s flavour that you’re looking for then you could do worse than trying out their new mint and citrus flavoured oils.

Of course, if oils aren’t your thing then you can also try their softgel capsules, which are designed to make it easier for you to take your CBD on the go. Each capsule delivers a dose of 25mg of CBD and uses the same high-quality hemp extract as the drops.

As if these new products weren’t exciting enough, the company has also added 10mg CBD-infused gummies to their line. Company founder Justin Hamilton credits this addition to the CBD community and explains that Royal CBD is simply responding to demand.

Hamilton explains, “CBD is all the rage right now and everybody wants to stay on the top and be perceived as the best vendor. However, sometimes the marketing buzz shadows the essence of what this community is about. Companies spend thousands of dollars pushing inferior CBD products, promising the impossible, making far-fetched claims about their CBD oil. We source our hemp from domestic organic farmers. There are no chemical additives or unnecessary fillers some companies use to pump up the volume of their CBD oil — the product is our 'marketing.'”



Now that you know a little bit more about Royal CBD and their exciting new product line, it’s over to you to get shopping. Remember that CBD can help with everything from anxiety and depression to chronic pain, and patients across the world – including young children with cancer – are using it to find relief.

The good news is that with such a diverse range of new products coming our way from Royal CBD, there’s something out there for everyone. The key is to find a product that suits you, whether that’s a vape or whether it’s gummies. And of course, if you want to learn more about CBD and its potential applications, there’s plenty of information online and you can also consult your doctor. Good luck.