The Moving Industry Goes “High-Tech”

Who would have thought until a few years ago, that moving companies would be hiring software engineers? Until recently, it would seem that the two simply do not belong together in the same sentence.

August 22, 2019 15:00
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The Moving Industry Goes “High-Tech”

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However, as the moving industry is rapidly changing, this combination within the industry is becoming more and more common.

Moving has become far simpler and quicker than it used to be. Not the actual physical work, the moving industry is still waiting for the big break on this aspect; but as far as logistics, customer service, administration, communication and more. Technology has had a very large part in making a small revolution possible. An industry a bit less “sweaty”. The moving industry is quickly adopting the integration of technology to assist with logistics and customer communication.


As times change, so do the ways in which we think, and how industries approach these changes and get things done. When we think about relocating and moving our belongings, we think in the old traditional way, to either perform the move ourselves, a DIY move. Or, to hire a professional moving company that will organize, and transport our items. As the moving industry moves away from these common ways of moving, it is then able to provide its clients with hi-tech solutions.


While most moving companies use generic software packages offered in the open market, some of the more rare companies within the moving industry, such as California New York Express Movers, for example, have established their own programming departments that develop custom software. Having a custom tailored program allows companies like CA NY Express Movers to improve their customer service and logistic tools, make better decisions, and have eye-opening insights that provide a better look into the future of the moving industry. It’s like having a suit tailor made especially to your measurements, opposed to buying a suit off the shelf. Its one of a kind!


It’s not only the moving industry that is veering away from the traditional ways of moving, so too are the customers. Clients want online access from anywhere in the world, at any time. This online involvement allows customers to be in control of their move, and receive up to date status of their shipment. As both moving companies and customers depart from the traditional approaches of moving, it has become apparent that retaining some of the old traditions can be an important part of the moving process.


Now, because its not the norm for a moving company to have its own programming department, it has in fact enabled, for example, CA NY Express Movers to successfully achieve keeping some of these vital traditional values, while at the same time continuing to integrate the use of up to date technology.


So, it seems that technology is also able to change industries that were once so far from being considered part of the tech revolution. As the two come together, and technology revolutionizes the moving industry, moving companies these days are able provide their clients the perfect combination of human interaction along with all that technology can give.


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