University in Eilat hosts Olympic medalist Zubari

The University of Ben-Gurion, Eilat campus, announces that it has given Zubari a full scholarship.

Zubari bronze 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
Zubari bronze 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
Nearly two weeks after Shahar Zubari made Israel proud when he claimed the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics, the windsurfer was honored by his home town of Eilat on Monday. The University of Ben-Gurion, Eilat campus, announced that it has given Zubari a full scholarship for both a first degree and postgraduate studies, in recognition of his accomplishment in China. A hero of the moment, at home Zubari leads a relatively average Israeli life. He is currently serving his mandatory military duty, stationed on a naval base in Eilat. At the young age of 21, with relative inexperience at his first Olympic games, Zubari felt the pressure of an entire nation urging him to win a medal, as their last hope for podium glory. Needless to say, he succeeded, and all of Israel joined him in celebration. Zubari, who celebrated his 22nd birthday on Monday, officially accepted his scholarship from the president of the university's campus in an event which attracted the attention of the majority of students. This honor will only be a small part of a series of formal acknowledgements Eilat is providing for the local hero. Zubari had barely disembarked from the plane from Beijing before being swept to a reception held by the municipality, a ceremony at the Red Sea International Film Festival, endless photograph opportunities, and autograph signings.