Indigenous Arab inhabitants of Negev and Sinai. Traditionally nomadic

Bedouin join mourners of ‘hero’ who save four from drowning

Jewish and Bedouin mourners joined together Sunday at the Ashkelon funeral of 45-year-old Micheal Ben-Zikri.

17 Bedouin women graduate Magen David Adom's EMT course

"Ever since I was a young girl I dreamed of volunteering at MDA and saving lives."

IDF Kfir Brigade training exercise
Claims of IDF soldiers assaulting Bedouins, parents disagree

The youth claim they have videos they took of the incident and that when a gas station worker attempted to break the fight the soldiers turned on him as well.

A Bedouin eco-farm celebrates a decade of sustainability

Visitors from abroad to Wadi Attir are often struck by a sense of incongruousness when they discover something so hi-tech and yet “artisanal,” so contemporary and yet so ancient.

Violent clashes between police and residents of Bedouin village in Negev
Violent clashes between police and residents of Bedouin village in Negev

"Police came to search. When they found nothing, they began to accuse us of attacking policemen and they attacked people, including children and women."

Land before time in Hevel Yatir

"I recently drove just 90 minutes from central Israel and encountered inspirational cultures and untamed landscapes."

Beduin soldiers in the IDF
Bedouin IDF soldier fights security guard at bus station

Security guards were suspicious when an IDF soldier of Bedouin ethnicity refused to put his bag through the metal detector.

bedouins on camels in race negev desert 298
Israel plans to displace some 1,000 Bedouins in the South to pave Route 6

According to the plan, those in the area will be resettled to ‘adjacent permanent settlements.’

New Bedouin math project aims to reduce social gaps in math studies

The project, the first-ever Social Impact Bond (SIB) of its kind, will focus on promoting math studies as a way to decrease social inequality.

A window to the world

The poetry of Sheikha Helawy.

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