War, women and Borat: What's new to watch during the coronavirus pandemic

A number of new offerings have been made available on TV, VOD and streaming services.

Coronavirus has brought new appreciation for Shabbat – opinion

Many of these experiences have been traumatic, unsettling, and just plain unpleasant. But in the midst of this there have also been moments of beauty and tranquility.

Coronavirus, election fever, and Matti Caspi’s exit stage left – opinion

It came as only a minor surprise when prominent Israeli singer-song writer Matti Caspi announced this week that he had packed his bags and taken his family to Italy.

Coronavirus vaccine under development (illustrative)
Italy to send Israel coronavirus vaccines

Israel has negotiated to get vaccines from Italy and Germany.

Innovative coronavirus wastewater test allows Technion to reopen campus

Testing campus wastewater for COVID-19 allows for the detection of otherwise asymptomatic cases, and can narrow down cases to specific zones.

Giving ‘Start-Up Nation’ new meaning - analysis

The hi-tech industry advocates for diversity, yet only 9% of Israel’s population is actually included in its narrative.

Coronavirus guidelines: How should Jewish communities behave in winter?

These guidelines were created by the OU and RCA after consulting with numerous poskim (halachic authorities) to best determine communal decisions and policies.

IDF soldiers pack, deliver sweets to homes of coronavirus patients

Colel Chabad was specifically chosen by both Home Front Command and government ministries to implement much of the food distribution and support efforts amid the coronavirus crisis.

Israeli start-up makes vertical farms to grow crops in city parking lots

Vertical farms subvert the space limitations of cities by allowing for portable, shipping container-esque produce farms that can operate in any urban environment.

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