Zionism is the nationalistic movement in Judaism which calls on immense support and identification with the historical Jewish homeland in Israel. The movement originated in the late 19th century in central and eastern Europe around the goal of creating a Jewish state in Palestine - then controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Leaders of the movement sought to liberate Jews from anti-Semitism and persecution in the diaspora through the reestablishment of a Jewish state. Since the 1948 establishment of Israel, Zionism refers to advocacy on behalf of Israel.
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Radical left-wing US politicians drive Jews apart - here's how to fix it

There is no room to talk about existential threats that Jews face that can’t really be addressed if Israel is constantly dominating the conversation.


Here's how Yom Kippur is the holiest 'meeting' of the year

In 2021, living a Jewish life means more than ritual observance, it means deciding to stand with Israel, her courageous citizens and Jewish destiny.

 New Hadassah CEO Naomi Adler.

New Hadassah CEO: 'Healthcare is foundation of healthy nation'

New Hadassah CEO Naomi Adler is passionate about women, Israel and health – three pillars of the organization.

Our joint responsibility

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, people around the world have been adjusting and adapting to the new reality of this pandemic.


Zionism and the history of Jewish survival

How do we explain Jewish survival in our history – and the failing of American Jewry in the Diaspora today? 


From Moses to Herzl: Acquiring the knowledge in front of your eyes

Internalizing the lessons from Moses’s exodus, Herzl understood that transformations need to happen gradually – he referred to those 40 years in the desert as “education through migration.”

 View of the Jewish Agency headquarters in Jerusalem,

Why we need to care about the Jewish Agency

Much of the Jewish world doesn’t fully understand the critical role the Jewish Agency plays in programs like Birthright and Jewish education initiatives.


'As we watch the rise of the Taliban, US-Israel alliance is more critical than ever'

Even before Thursday's terror attack, it was already clear that the Afghanistan withdrawal will overshadow the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Israel must make public diplomacy the top of its agenda - opinion

Bennett’s visit to the White House this week – and the appointment of a new Israeli ambassador to Washington – should be used to launch a Jewish, Israeli, Zionist counter-offensive.

Can Zionism and Palestinian nationalism live together? - opinion

At the root of this conflict has been a majority of people on both sides demand for the right to attain a territorial expression of their collective identity.

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