Artwork uncovered on mysterious 4,000-year-old structures in the Golan

The dolmen near the kibbutz is the largest one even discovered in the Middle East and its ceiling features 14 tridents carved into the stone.

Coronavirus genetic risk factor inherited from Neanderthals – new study

Almost 3,200 genetic profiles of hospitalized patients were analyzed, showing that those presenting the relevant DNA variant were 70% more likely to develop a severe form of the disease.

Cave of the Patriarchs
Tomb of Patriarchs pilgrimage site in First Temple times, pottery suggests

No archaeological excavation has ever been conducted at the site.

Annexation and Jewish historical sites: Holding on to our heritage

Under the terms of the Trump administration’s peace plan, Israel would be required to transfer hundreds of important Jewish religious and historical sites to Palestinian control.

Archaeologists find underwater sites belonging to Aboriginal Australians

The site itself purportedly dates back millennia when the current ocean floor - where the site is located - was actually dry land, before sea level rises and changes in atmosphere, etc.

2,500-year-old seal shows Jerusalem status in Persian period

The seal impressions – known among experts with the Latin term bullae – were usually made of clay and used to sign documents or containers.

View of Early Bronze Age pottery in Tell es-Safi/Gath
Women, teenagers worked as potters in ancient Israel, scholars show

From previous research, it was assumed that pottery manufacturing was mainly carried out by professional potters, proving a certain level of sophistication in the society.

Meet the people who fished on the Jordan River 20,000 years ago

A crucial aspect that characterizes Dureijat is that it was used for such a long time, albeit not in a continuous way

Scythian-Iranian arrowheads
2,700 years ago, new deadly weapons changed wars in biblical Israel

“There is no question that the Assyrian army could count on significant technological advancements in the battlefield. No one could stand up to them when they laid siege for example."

Assyria displaced Israelites from Hadid. What happened next?

New research aims to provide insights on life after a peoples’ forced resettlement, which was common in the antiquity.

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