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IDF women
A (religious) woman’s place

The controversial sentiments about women in the army as expressed by some leading national-religious rabbis recently might indicate a new culture war.

Anti Israel protest
The hijacking of the feminist movement

The State of Israel has had a sensitivity to women’s rights and to women’s contributions since its founding. Historically, and today, women have occupied the highest echelons of Israel’s government.

‘AS THE only democracy in the Middle East, Israel’s legal guarantee of rights has meant that women p
Why must women choose between feminism and Zionism, but not any other ‘ism’?

There are many countries and movements throughout the world that treat women as second-class citizens. Israel is not among them.

A PALESTINIAN woman paints a mural in support of Palestinians committing stabbing attacks against Is
Where is the outcry from Western feminists?

You know, continents where women are still yammering about glass ceilings at corporations and harassment by drunken boys on campus trying to cop a feel.

Chaim Herzog
Highest ranking woman in IDF awarded Chaim Herzog Prize

Named for Israel’s sixth president, the Chaim Herzog Prize was established by his family following his death in 1997, in order to perpetuate his memory and his legacy.

Women of the Wall
Feminism and Zionism

Over the years, I have found many parallels between feminism and Zionism. Both movements are daughters of the Enlightenment.

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