israel as a jewish state

An Israeli flag is seen near the Dome of the Rock, located in Jerusalem's Old City
Grave threats to Israel as a Jewish democratic state

We are at a crossroads. The choices that Israel makes in the coming years will determine the destiny of our one and only Jewish state.

African migrants gesture behind a fence during a protest against Israel's detention policy towards t
Taking in African refugees is a privilege

The debate about African migrants in Israel kicked off as early as 2005 when asylum seekers began making the treacherous journey through the Sinai desert into Israel.

Illustration by Pepe Fainberg
The key to keeping Israeli society happy

The key to keeping Israeli society happy

American and Israeli flags
Israel’s unifying mission

A divide has always separated Israelis from Diaspora Jews, particularly those living in America. But we are now in the midst of crisis.

THROUGHOUT HIS long career, Yuval Elitzur wanted to convey what the hemmed-in nation was accomplishi
At 90, veteran journalist Yuval Elitzur is still going strong

Elitzur reflects on bringing Israel’s story to the world at a time when many countries did not enter into diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

Luther at the Diet of Worms, by Anton von Werner, 1877
Comment: Reformation: Sowing a seed of redemption

Luther's actions show that even in the dark, God is there to provide light

‘TODAY THE State of Israel’s identification with Jewish nationhood is under attack from all sides.’
Harmful revolution: the Nation-State bill's assault on equality

Should it pass, the bill will become the most important piece of legislation in the entire canon of Israeli law, on both a symbolic and practical level.

The Israel Museum
Comment: It’s time to fix Hadrian’s 'Palestinian' mistake

Christians must help correct historic Syria Palaestina travesty.

Israel's Declaration of Independence
The Jewishness of the Jewish state

All we have to do is enshrine the Israel Declaration of Independence into basic law.

Charles de Gaulle Konrad Adenauer
Middle Israel: Israel’s image war comes of age

For Israel, the best defense might be a good offense.

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