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Creatively Speaking: Passover meets Pablo Picasso

How can the artistic genius of Pablo Picasso help us not just endure, but actually thrive in our current situation?

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016

Coronavirus could cause matzah shortage in Israel for Passover

Other retail products for the holidays are also expected to arrive late due to the virus causing massive delays of all shipping.

Manischewitz wine

Manischewitz Co. will sell all of its kosher food business

The companies “have reached an understanding for a transaction whereby Kenover Marketing Corp. will acquire all of the kosher food business of Manischewitz.”


The essential lessons from the Passover and the Seder

“In every generation, one must see himself as if he personally had come out of Egypt...”

IDF soldiers eat matzah

Lone soldiers celebrate Passover in the army

Both lone soldiers will take part in Seders and the traditional customs while on base. The soldiers said their unit has become their family.

Passover: Matzah as a symbol of Jewish heroism

Imagine the courage it required for a family living in the shadow of the Inquisition to risk discovery by holding a Seder, eating matzah and refusing to eat bread.

IDF soldiers eat matzah

IDF soldiers crunch Passover matzah - watch

“The IDF wishes all its soldiers in the air, at sea and on land, to the reservists, to their families and to all of Israel a kosher and happy Passover!” the statement said.

This cartoon matzah character is huge in Holland — and not just among Jews

In 2010, Max received his own comic book, published by the museum and currently available in children’s libraries across the country.

2,000 boxes of matzah delivered to the Jewish people of Poland

Israeli org. donates 2,000 boxes of matzah to Polish Jews for Passover

“As more and more Poles discover their Jewish roots, Passover especially speaks to them as a celebration of freedom and the end of slavery or occupation,” said Chief Rabbi Schudrich.

Grapevine: Saving for ‘shmura’

MATZAH, the bread of affliction, should cost very little, but matzah shmura is a different story altogether.

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