Israel Electric Company HQ.
Israeli power cuts to West Bank ends after Palestinians pay debt

Israel Electric Corp (IEC) began sporadic, three-hour power cuts on Dec. 18 to press for payment of some $519 million owed by the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO).

Terra Incognita: Syria’s Kurds, Jewish suffering - history of powerless

Kurds have been hammered into the same stark choices, betrayed both by empires and by the social movements they adopted.

Israel to construct first waste-to-energy power plant

Foreign companies will be invited to participate in the project, which the ministries forecast will be one of several to be constructed in the coming years.

New York City (Manhattan) from Ganrty Park after Hurricane Sandy
State Gov. Cuomo slams NYC electric company as 30k lose power

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo attacked Con Edison for the outage on Twitter, saying "We've been through this situation w[ith] ConEd time & again & they should have been better prepared—period."

IDF soldiers storm a target during the ground incursion into Gaza
Israel ranks as 8th most powerful country - U.S. News report

Other powerfully ranked countries included Russia, China, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Nuclear Power plant [illustrative]
BGU researchers find new ways to increase safety of nuclear power plants

Gen-IV reactors are much safer than the current generation of reactors. However, how they will react in the event of an accident is not yet completely understood.

World Bank urges new Lebanese government to reform power sector

In November, parliament had to approve over $400 million in extra-budgetary spending on fuel to avoid blackouts, adding to Lebanon's spiraling debt.

Dreaming impossible dreams?

“I grew up in a poor neighborhood in Bat Yam, where nobody cared about aesthetics. Everybody was too busy fighting their daily battles. All people thought about was how to survive."

Flag of Israel
The world turned upside down

Israel is achieving power parity with leading European nations.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures during a Likud faction meeting, July 2 2018
PM crows at Israel’s listing as world’s 8th most powerful state

The same magazine said the country is also perceived as the world’s most religious state, followed by Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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