US commands Al Jazeera affiliate AJ+ to register as foreign agent

Al Jazeera news network has suggested the move was orchestrated as part of the UAE-Israel normalization agreement.

Which Islamic countries are supporting the Bahrain deal and why?

Overall the Bahrain normalization deal appears to have been received with less media coverage in the region than the previous UAE deal.

Israel and Qatar have an unlikely partnership for dealing with Gaza

BEHIND THE LINES: Israel-Qatar cooperation in Gaza serves interests of both parties

Missiles and drone aircraft are seen at an exhibition at unidentified location in Yemen
Houthi drones target Saudi Arabia amid allegations of Qatari backing

Riyadh claimed it shot down the drones, some of the two dozen that have targeted the Kingdom and allies in Yemen in the last month.

Jared Kushner beside Robert O'Brien on the first Israeli flight to UAE
Qatar to Kushner: Two states needed to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Kushner visited Qatar with hopes another Arab country will normalize ties within months.

Palestinian men prepare to release balloon-borne explosive and incendiary devices towards Israeli la
Hamas announces ceasefire understandings with Israel

The agreement, according to Hamas, was reached through the Qatari envoy who had mediated.

Qatari envoy pursues efforts to end Gaza tensions

Hamas: Israel seeking to replace Qatar with UAE as main mediator

Qatari envoy, security officials met over escalating Gaza violence

Israel has stopped the passage of all but humanitarian goods, through Gaza’s main commercial crossing at Kerem Shalom. It has also closed the Mediterranean to Gaza fishermen.

Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, attends a news conference in Cairo May 30, 2
Will Egypt’s arrest of Brotherhood leader push group to Turkey, Qatar?

Turkey’s ruling party has close links to the group, as does Hamas in Gaza and Qatar’s monarchy.

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