Israeli chicken sex-change start-up wins $1m prize in NY agri-tech contest

Soos' software allows them to control the incubation process, forcing chicken embryos to change sex in the egg, mitigating the controversial practice of culling male chicks.

Israeli supermarket employs vertical farm start-up for selling produce

The new technologies eliminate the need to rely on outdoor growers and suppliers while also providing a fresher, more eco-friendly product which needs much less water and land to grow.

Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd
Israel’s OurCrowd announces Japan’s ORIX $60 million investment

ORIX and OurCrowd will collaborate in agreed focus areas and will establish financial products and investment opportunities suited for the Japanese and global markets.

Israeli start-ups in New York raised more than $1 billion during COVID-19

'Israel Mapped in NY' map reveals the hottest trends and sectors for Israeli startups in New York.

The latest group to go through the Hybrid Accelerator, a program run by Unit 8200 alumni to assist I
Elite army unit alumni give Arab Israeli entrepreneurs boost in high-tech

Hybrid Accelerator’s connections-and-skills program spawns myriad startups.

Serious angel investors recommend Smart Funding

Smart for your portfolio and smart for humanity

Entrepreneur Scott Bartnick: Turning Tragedy into Triumph with Otter Public Relations

Ringing in 2020 with a pandemic was certainly not expected and has been exceptionally crippling for the business sector.

Yaakov Hagoel, incoming Chair of the World Zionist Organization.
Restoring inclusion, inspiration to the Zionist world: we can do better

Instead, the congress was shrouded in controversy regarding the inclusion of new constituents who threatened to upset the balance of power and the status quo.

Israeli start-up Salto raises $27M to transform business app. configuration

Business operation teams needed a robust toolbox, automated procedures and enhanced methodologies to help the company scale and prosper.

What are the best Israeli hi-tech companies to work for amid COVID-19?

"There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis was a defining event in the relationship between companies and their employees."

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