Top 5 nature spots in Jerusalem

Get in the spirit of Tu Bishvat and take a moment to experience the nature surrounding the city.

Jerusalem Bird Observatory (photo credit: Marco Jona )
Jerusalem Bird Observatory
(photo credit: Marco Jona )
Jerusalemites that enjoy the outdoors can get in the spirit of Tu Bishvat, experience nature and take a breather in the heart of the city.
1. Gazelle Valley
Gazelle Valley
Gazelle Valley
A herd of deer have made their home in the middle of Jerusalem, surrounded by roads on all sides. This unique phenomenon is a wonder to behold and you can take walks through the area organized by the Jerusalem Bird Observatory as well as by the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). Drivers in the area should not be surprised by the sweet sight of gazelle hopping by.
Entrance at Corner Herzog and Tzomet Pat Road
2. Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Jerusalem Botanical Gardens (Maya Hirsch)
Jerusalem Botanical Gardens (Maya Hirsch)
The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, on the southern edge of Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus, offer a magnificent, vast expanse of greenery with plant life from each continent of the world.
A sensory delight, the Gardens house colorful and unique flowers, trees, bushes, vegetation and bonsai trees and biblical flora. There are organized tours of the grounds, a hothouse and a visitors’ center with changing exhibitions.
Or, simply take a relaxed stroll, or hop on the “flower train,” which runs through the Gardens every hour. Round the experience off with a soup or coffee at the café near the entrance, Caffit.
1 Yehuda Burla Street
Phone: (02) 679-4012
3. Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Located near the Knesset, the Jerusalem Bird Observatory (JBO) is open to the public to stop by for bird watching, lectures, tours, close encounters with ringed birds and an eco-experience.
The JBO houses the Israel national bird-ringing center and does extensive conservation studies and research. Don’t miss the wooden structure as you enter the site on the right, known as the hideaway, which is a great place to watch birds as they descend into a nearby fountain.
This week the Observatory has arranged a series of activities around Jerusalem to celebrate Urban Nature Conservation Week.
Ben Zvi Boulevard
Phone: (02) 653-7374
4. Jerusalem Park
Jerusalem Park
Jerusalem Park
The Jerusalem Park is made of hundreds of acres of open, green areas and pine forests surrounding the city of Jerusalem and is a refuge for those who love nature.
Planted by the Jewish National Fund after the establishment of the State of Israel and supported by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality, the park offers many activities around the year that are perfect for families. Many Jerusalemites head there to plant trees on Tu Bishvat.
5. Wohl Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Considered one of the 11 most beautiful rose gardens in the world, the Wohl Rose Garden opposite the Knesset is open to the public to stop by and smell the roses.
The garden features around 15,000 rose bushes and more than 400 types of exquisite roses, many of which were gifts from various countries. The garden makes for a great place to enjoy a picnic, and take in the sprawling, well-kept lawns, pond with aquatic plants, sculptures, quarries and waterfall.
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