Jerusalem Trump rally draws sparse, yet vocal, supporters

"He is the most pro-Israel candidate that ever ran for the US presidency," says Israeli attendee.

November 7, 2016 20:34
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Jerusalem Trump rally

Jerusalem Trump rally. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

Citing Donald J. Trump’s strong support for Israel, coupled by his restrictive Muslim immigration policy proposals, roughly two dozen supporters gathered for a rally across the street from Jerusalem’s US Consulate on Monday evening.

Sporting a red “Make America Great Again” Trump cap, Nimrod Zuta, 24, who manages Trump’s Israeli “White and Blue” Facebook page, said he primarily supports the candidate because of his pro-Israel stance.

“He is the most pro-Israel candidate that ever ran for the presidency in the Unites States,” said Zuta. “And when you consider who is running against him – probably one of the worst candidates ever, whose vice-presidential nominee boycotted Netanyahu’s speech to Congress during the deal with Iran – he is clearly the better candidate.”

Moreover, Zuta said he is troubled by Hillary Clinton’s significant funding from Saudi Arabia, and by her closest aid, Huma Aberdin, whom he described as “practically a Muslin Brotherhood agent.”

“The difference for Israel couldn’t be more drastic in this election,” he said. “Also, for Israel to be strong we need a strong America, and Donald J. Trump is a phenomenal guy and businessman who can really take the country in a whole new direction because he can’t be bought for any amount of money.”

Donning a white “Make America Great Again” cap, blue Trump/Pence t-shirt, and holding a large American flag, Adam Russo, a 29-year-old math teacher from Jerusalem, described Trump as the fractured Republican party’s last hope.

“I support the Republican party, but they have really gone Democrat over the last decade,” said Russo. “I am not a Bush Republican, and what they [the Republican party] has done with betraying the values of the Tea Party and all the right-wing uprisings is wrong.”

Championing Trump’s Draconian immigration policies, Russo said “America should skim the cream of the best of the best that the world has to offer, and should not take so many people who are not interested in assimilating to American values.”

“If someone wants to come to America, we shouldn’t be pandering to them,” added Russo. “They should be wanting to become more American than the Americans themselves. And the Democrats have made it very easy for people opposed to American values to come to the United States.”

Asked what his primary concern over Hillary Clinton entailed, Russo responded: “Socialism, elitism, and taking everything under government control.”

“The Democrats are the Socialist and Marxist party, and I’m not interested in going down that path,” he said. “I believe in freedom, and the Democrats do not believe in freedom.”

In terms of Trump’s infamous propensity for using crude language and hurling dehumanizing ad hominem attacks against his critics, Russo said those shortcomings are secondary to his policy platform.

“I don’t care what he says, I don’t care about his personality,” he said. “I’m voting for him for his policies. I say a lot of unsavory stuff also with my friends. So what?” Amid chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” David Weissman, a 36-year-old US Army veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, and made Aliya from Washington State three years ago, said he values Trump’s unconventional approach to politics.

“He is not a typical politician who is all talk, and has their own agenda and doesn’t get anything done,” he said. “He has tons of accomplishments in his career, and he is there for the American worker, and knows that there is a problem.”

Weissman echoed sentiments that he strongly supports Trump’s foreign policy, largely defined by his stance against radical Islam and open borders, as well as his stated support for Israel.

“He wants to bring crime down, and he wants law and order,” he explained. “Also, he will not force a two-state solution, and will allow Israel to make its own decisions, and that is what a true friend of Israel would do.”

Meanwhile, Lior Aloni, who travelled to the rally from a kibbutz in Givat Hashalosha, said he believed that Trump is the best candidate to uphold the American Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

“If I wasn’t a Jew from Israel, I would really like to be an American from Texas because I like freedom,” he said.

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