CITYsights: Monkey business as usual in Jerusalem

Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo not only preserves global endangered species, but conserves various species mentioned in the Bible too.

Zoo (photo credit: iTravelJerusalem)
(photo credit: iTravelJerusalem)
The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens popularly known as the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, is located in the Malha neighborhood of Jerusalem.  
The Biblical Zoo was the most popular tourist attraction in Israel from 2005 to 2007, and logged over 700,000 visitors in 2009. The Zoo not only preserves endangered species from all over the world but has taken on the mission of conserving the various species mentioned in the Bible.
Part of this project is to breed those species that have been driven out of their natural habitats in Israel and slowly reintroduce them into the wild. But the range of fauna on display goes beyond the dictates of Jewish scripture and includes many species from far and wide.
Families can enjoy the frequent train-rides running through the grounds. The zoo is home to a diversity of animals, including penguins, parrots, fish, various species of reptiles, amphibians and more. The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem offers fun and excitement for the entire family!
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