40 participants make aliyah through Maccabi World start-up project

  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)

The Israel Start-Up Experience project has so far integrated about 250 young Jews who came to Israel through the Maccabi World Union initiative, of which about 40 have been accepted into jobs at the start-up companies and made aliyah to Israel.

Amir Gisin, CEO of Maccabi World, said: "In 2022, approximately 1,500 young Jews aged 17-21 from approximately 30 countries around the world arrived in Israel for periods of between two and 10 months for studies in leadership, Zionism, Israeli start-up companies, the Holocaust, life in a kibbutz and the Marva basic training program in the IDF."

The ISE project is in cooperation and support of Masa and includes practical work of 3-7 months in Israeli hi-tech and start-up companies such as: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Mobileye.

In recent years, Maccabi World has brought to Israel over 3,500 Jewish youth from all over the world, of which about 400 also made aliyah.